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Medical Waste Container Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal & Removal Services in San Antonio, Texas & Austin, Texas.

Medical Waste Disposal

 Medical Waste LLC is an established medical waste disposal and transport company.   Medical Waste disposal is licensed and fully insured to provide removal and transport of medical waste, used needles and crime, death and trauma scene regulated waste disposal in the State of Texas.  The company is compliant with all Federal, State and local regulations applicable to medical waste and trauma scene waste removal and transport to include TNRCC, EPA, DOT, OSHA and other regulatory agencies.   

Medical Waste disposal company is a reliable provider of affordable medical waste container disposal, sharps and bio-hazard disposal.   Medical Waste disposal & removal maintains complete compliance with all medical waste regulations.  Medical Waste disposal and removal provides Infectious Medical Waste Disposal, sharps/used needle disposal, Bio-hazard disposal, and regulated waste disposal for doctor's offices, clinics, surgical centers, dialysis centers,the Crime, Death and the Trauma Scene Cleaning Industry, funeral homes, tattoo shops and emergency med clinics.  Medical Waste disposal staff is professional, courteous and uniformed to meet your needs.  For information regarding waste disposal for MRSA and other information see MRSA Medical Waste Disposal

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Doctor Offices, Medical Waste, Clinics, Surgical Centers, Dialysis Centers, Funeral Homes, Tattoo Shops, Crime & Death Scene Industry Regulated Waste, Emergency Med Clinics  


  • Medical Waste Disposal

  • Red Bag Waste Disposal

  • Sharps/Used Needle Disposal

  • Bio-hazard Disposal

  • Pathology Disposal

  • Chemotherapy Disposal

  • Dental Office Waste Disposal

  • Crime, Death &Trauma Scene Regulated Waste Disposal

  • Funeral Home Waste Disposal

  • Tattoo Industry Waste Disposal

  • Emergency Med Center Disposal

Medical Waste, LLC Disposal Removal Service, Support and Dedication


 Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste disposal & removal is dedicated to providing a reliable and affordable alternative for disposal of medical, and crime, death & trauma scene regulated waste in the San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX. areas.   Medical Waste disposal & removal is committed to exceeding traditional standards of service while maintaining complete compliance with all medical waste regulations and guidelines.

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Medical Waste disposal employees are trained in the proper handling of medical and hazardous waste pick-up and transport.

 Medical Waste, LLC Sharps Disposal

Compliant, Professional  and provide documented Disposal of your medical waste, sharps containers & hazardous waste.


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